NEUROFIBROMATOSIS TYPE 1 AND 2: FROM GENETICS TO NEUROSURGERY AN UPDATE IN PEDIATRIC AGE International meeting on Neurofibromatosis type 1 and 2 in Pediatric age, with specific attention to pathologies of neurosurgical interest and genetic background 18

18 Ottobre 2018 - 19 Ottobre 2018
Sala Navata, Centro Congressuale Donnaregina, Largo Donnaregina - Largo Donnaregina, 80138 Napoli NA





 International meeting on Neurofibromatosis type 1 and 2 in Pediatric age, with specific attention to pathologies of neurosurgical interest and genetic background


Data: Giovedi 18 e Venerdì 19 ottobre 2018

Sede: Sala Navata di Donnaregina Nuova presso Centro Congressi Donnaregina, Largo Donnaregina Napoli. 

Organizzazione: A.O.R.N.  Santobono-Pausilipon, Università di Napoli FEDERICO II e Università degli Studi della Campania LUIGI VANVITELLI.

Patrocinio: ANF Associazione Neurofibromatosi onlus



 18th-19th October 2018

Naples, Italy


Credits 8,4


Honorary president

Maurizio Clementi (University of Padua, Italy)


Scientific Committee

Giuseppe Cinalli (Santobono-Pausilipon Childen’s Hospital, Naples, Italy)

Daniela Melis (Federico II University, Naples, Italy)

Silverio Perrotta (Luigi Vanvitelli University, Naples, Italy)

Giulio Piluso  (Luigi Vanvitelli University, Naples, Italy)

Lucia Quaglietta (Santobono-Pausilipon Childen’s Hospital, Naples, Italy)

Claudia Santoro (Luigi Vanvitelli University, Naples, Italy)

Pietro Strisciuglio (Federico II University, Naples, Italy)


Local organizing committee 

Antonia Assunto (Federico II University, Naples, Italy)

Mario Cirillo (Luigi Vanvitelli University, Naples, Italy)

Alessandra D’Amico (Federico II University, Naples, Italy)

Teresa Giugliano  (Luigi Vanvitelli University, Naples, Italy)

Anna Grandone (Luigi Vanvitelli University, Naples, Italy)

Giuseppe Mirone (Santobono-Pausilipon Childen’s Hospital, Naples, Italy)

Federica Palladino (Luigi Vanvitelli University, Naples, Italy)

Carlo Ruosi  (Federico II University, Naples, Italy)

Pietro Spennato (Santobono-Pausilipon Childen’s Hospital, Naples, Italy)

Patrizia Vassallo (Federico II University, Naples, Italy)


Under the auspices of

ANF Associazione Neurofibromatosi ONLUS (Association Neurofibromatosis) (Onlus)


Day 1, 18th October 2018


13.00-15.00 Registration desk opening


Opening & Welcoming Addresses



Session I

NF1: Clinical and genetic features

Chairss: Silverio Perrotta, Pietro Strisciuglio


Invited lectures


15.00-15.25 Eric Pasmant (Paris, FR): NF1 phenotype-genotype correlations and MPNST genetic background


15.30-15.55: Susan Huson (Manchester, UK): Genetic Counselling in NF1, focus on mosaicisms


16.00-16.25 Maurizio Clementi (Padova, IT): European NF association, network and ERN


16.30-16.45 Coffee break


Chairs: Vincenzo Nigro, Alessandro De Luca


16.50-17.00 Claudia Santoro (Naples, IT): The Campania network for Neurofibromatosis

17.05-17.15 Daniela Melis (Naples, IT): mRNA levels of NF1 isoform 1/2: a useful prognostic marker

17.20-17.30 Giulio Piluso (Naples, IT): NGS in molecular diagnosis of NF1

17.35-17.45 Antonietta Coppola (Naples, IT): Epilepsy in NF1


Session II

Cerebral vasculopathy in NF1

Chairs: Claudia Santoro, Giuseppe Cinalli


Invited lecture


17.50-18.15 Manoelle Kossorotoff (Paris, FR): Vasculopathy in NF1: neurology and genetic aspects


18.20-18.30: Alessandra d’Amico (Naples, IT): Neuroradiological correlations in NF1 vasculopathies

18.35-18.45: Domenico Cicala (Naples, IT): Angiographic findings in Moyamoya Syndrome in NF1

18.50 -19.00: Giuseppe Mirone (Naples, IT): Surgical treatment of Moyamoya in NF1: Technique and results


19.10 Opening Ceremony

Anna Maria Minicucci: General Director, Santobono-Pausilipon Children’s Hospital

Corrado Melegari: President of the Italian Association of Neurofibromatosis (ANF)

Prof. Califano: President of School of Medicine and Surgery Federico II University

Prof. Ciardiello: President of Luigi Vanvitelli University

De Luca, President of Campania Region


20.30 Social Dinner


Day 2, 19th October 2018


Session III

Optic Pathways Gliomas and NF1

Chairs: Shlomi Constantini, Daniela Melis


9.00-9.10: Giuseppe Zampino (Rome, IT): OPG in NF1 from precocius diagnosis to genetic background and genotype phenotype correlations

9.15-9.25: Carmela Russo (Naples, IT): MRI tractography in OPG in NF1

9.30-940: Liat Ben Sira (Tel Aviv, IL): Segmentation technique in MRI evaluation of OPG

9.45-9.55: Anna Grandone (Naples, IT) Endocrinological findings in children with OPG

10.00-10.10: Lucia Quaglietta (Naples, IT) Neuro-oncological perspectives in the management of OPGs in NF1from conventional chemotherapy to targeted drugs

10.15-10.25: Giuseppe Cinalli (Naples, IT) Indications to Surgery of OPGs in NF1

10.30-10.40 Marina Melone (Naples, ITTransition of patients with NF1 from childhood to adulthood


10.45-11.15 Coffee break 


Session IV

Non-OPG CNS tumors and spinal tumors in NF1

Chairs: Michel Kalamarides, Giuseppe Cinalli


11.15-11.25 Claudia Santoro (Naples, IT): Non-OPG tumors of the Central nervous System in NF1: Incidence and prognosis

11.30-11.40 Shlomi Constantini (Tel Aviv, IL): Aqueductal stenosis and Hydrocephalus in NF1: Radiological features, treatment and prognosis

11.45-11:55 Veronica Saletti (Milano, IT): Spinal neuroradiological findings in NF1


Invited lectures


12.00-12.2Maura Massimino (Milan, IT): Oncology in the management of non-OPG tumors in NF1

12.30-12:55 Shlomi Constantini (Tel Aviv, IL): Surgical Management of spinal cord tumors in NF1 and NF2


13.00-15.00 Lunch


Session V

NF2 in childhood from genetics to neurosurgery

Chairs:  Gareth Evans, Susan Huson


15.00-15.10 Laura Papi (Firenze, IT): Genetics of NF2 and new molecular diagnostic      strategies

15.15-15.25 Andrea Praticò (Catania, IT): NF2 in childhood, clinical diagnosis and natural history

15.30-15.40 Vincenzo Piccolo (Napoli, IT): Dermatological findings in children with NF2


Special presentation


15.45-15.55 Stefania Mostaccioli (Rome, IT)NF2 European Patient Advocacy Group and ERN GENTURIS


Invited lectures


16.00-16.25: Gareth Evans (Manchester, UK): Avastin in NF2 and multidisciplinary model in UK

16.30-16.55 Michel Kalamarides (Paris, FR): Surgery of vestibular schwannomas in NF2

17.00-17.25 Jeremy G. Rowe (Sheffield, UK): Radiation therapies in NF2


17.30-17.50 Antonio Della Volpe (Naples, IT): Acustic preservation and implants in children with NF2            in children NF2


18.00: Closing ceremony



Liat Ben-Sira Tel Aviv IL
Domenico Cicala Naples IT
Giuseppe Cinalli Naples IT
Maurizio Clementi Padua IT
Shlomi Constantini Tel Aviv IL
Antonietta Coppola Naples IT
Alessandra D'amico Naples IT
Alessandro De Luca Rome IT
Antonio Della Volpe Naples IT
Gareth Evans Manchester UK
Anna Grandone Naples IT
Susan Huson Manchester UK
Michel Kalamarides Paris FR
Manoelle Kossorotoff Paris FR
Maura Massimino Milan IT
Corrado Melegari Parma IT
Daniela Melis Naples IT
Marina Melone Naples IT
Anna Maria Minicucci Naples IT
Giuseppe Mirone Naples IT
Stefania Mostaccioli Rome IT
Mario Muto Naples IT
Vincenzo Nigro Naples IT
Laura Papi Florence IT
Eric Pasmant Paris FR
Silverio Perrotta Naples IT
Vincenzo Piccolo Naples IT
Giulio Piluso Naples IT
Andrea Praticò Catania IT
Lucia Quaglietta Naples IT
Jeremy Rowe Sheffield UK
Veronica Saletti Milan IT
Claudia Santoro Naples IT
Pietro Strisciuglio Naples IT
Giuseppe Zampino Rome IT



Informazioni e registrazioni: PIRENE srl

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  • Da 18 Ottobre 2018 a 19 Ottobre 2018

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